Navaratri, Night 3

O Kali,
I shall not use you
to justify
focusing my energy
around trauma
and political anger.
I will let you
use me
to melt the boundaries
of outrage
until I can behold
the dazzling amethyst
of your face
at the heart
of the catastrophe.


First Day of Autumn

Mushroom scent of Goddess on the first Fall afternoon; rhyme of the happening apple, worm and all; sky within the sky, cloudless, blue, infinity self-evident; gift of the world to itself, unnoticed... In this ashram with spider-web windows and no roof, there's only one rule: don't fall asleep. Tomorrow will be even more wonderful. Virgo gives birth to Jupiter. Have a blessed Autumn!


Rummaging through my mind, I couldn't find any past, or future, or now. So I concluded that past, present, and future are all a dream. This very inquiry woke me up.

Then I looked at the shining blue sky, and the shining blue sky was looking at me: mirror-like vastness gazing into itself, beginning-less, boundless, ever-expanding.

This infinite gaze into Itself is all there ever is. This gaze vibrates as Love. And this vibrant loving gaze beholds itself in the hollow of each nutrino, each atom, each cell, each breath, each flower, each sun, each galaxy.

The shimmer of consciousness celebrates the ecstasy of formlessness in the form of you and me, waking again and again to its own Beauty, which is the substance of all matter and energy, the first cause of creation, and the final goal.

Look into the petal of the last Autumn rose, look into the burst of a supernova, look into the eye of the refugee child who seeks a new home: you will see one invitation to love, fall, fall in love, fall deeply into who you are...

Merely to awake is why we are here.