Ocean of Gold

"Energy is eternal delight." ~William Blake

We drown in an ocean of gold. Our souls ever dance and dissolve in these waves of love, yet there's nothing we can do to harness or channel this divine energy, because it is what we Are. Can a bubble of seawater control the ocean? Or course not, but it can Be the ocean.

Many of us try as hard as possible to still this wild golden splendor, give it weight, grasp and hold it, contain it in a fixed structure of practices and beliefs. Yet the only responsible thing to do is let go and rejoice, because what we are striving for is already happening, each moment.

Let Shiva be Shiva: watch the phantasm unfold. Let Shakti be Shakti: celebrate the whirl. Let formless Silence reverberate with the causeless echo of countless forms. Let wild Stillness rise and fall in waves of self-delight. It's out of control, so simply rejoice...

Your most creative "work" will arise from that rejoicing.


"I Want Nothing, I Do Nothing, I Am Nothing"

No-thing suckles everything...

Christian mystics called it Via Negativa, the way of negation. Advaitists in India called it Neti-Neti,' not that, not this. Buddha called it Sunya, emptiness.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says, 'Even Brahma the Creator returns to nothing.' In the first verses of Genesis, the Bible declares that the source of creation is 'tohu wa bohu,' formless and void. And modern physics shows us that the entire material universe arises in waves of immaterial energy, virtual fluctuations in a vacuum. Thus Leonardo Da Vinci explained the origin of creativity: 'Of all the great things we can discover, the greatest is nothing.'
True meditation is merging with creative no-thing-ness. Our consciousness dissolves into Absolute Silence. But the word 'absolute' is so dry, so philosophical. Sometimes we use the word 'void,' but that too seems lacking in life. How can the greatness of no-thing be described in a way that truly conveys its fullness, its creativity? It can't. But we can experience it, by grace.

By the grace of meditation, dissolve every form into the formless. Dissolve all thought into transcendental silence. Even for an instant, this tasteless nectar sweetens a whole day. Un-create All for a moment, and renew creation.

No-thing is the womb of the All-Mother. She is unfathomable Peace and unendurable Bliss. What cannot endure her? Our story, our past, our victim-role, our little 'me.'

What remains? The tidal wave of pure Existence, crashing over us as the wonder of the next moment.



Conceptual thinking makes life seem complicated, and tears the fabric of the world to pieces. Intuition mends it, weaves it into one.

Now is the time for humanity to evolve and emerge from the cocoon of thought into the luminous air of intuition. This step doesn't add weight, but drops the burdens of past and future, worry and regret.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, "Take no thought for what ye shall eat or drink or what ye shall wear... Take no thought for tomorrow." He taught us to trust our intuition rather than our anxiety. Read Matthew 6:25-34 - the greatest Dharma talk ever given on the power of intuition, several thousand years ahead of its time.

Free from beliefs and ideologies that only separate us from the world, free from concepts that only divide subject from object, intuition seamlessly threads awareness through our environment. How could life be complicated when "inner" and "outer" are one continuum, and we ourselves are the warp and woof of creation?

Intuition is the world's feedback to itself, the fabric of the cosmos sensing its own pattern through us. Our intuition is the rhythmic pulse of the weaver's hand working the loom of Presence.

"That which is, is. All the trouble arises by having a conception of it." ~Ramana Maharshi

"The total number of minds in the universe is one."
~Erwin Schrodinger