This morning I awoke at dawn
to thrush-pierced silence.
For one boundless moment
just before yesterday plunged
its blunt imaginary edges back
into my graciously empty heart
I knew quite sweetly that we've
all drowned… For thousands
of eons we've been floating
in the sea of beauty we awake to
each day, then forget, as time
and thought return. So in
this clear blue hollow now
between one breath and another,
the whole sky filled my
weightless body and I prayed
that one still mirror-like morning
soon I might awaken to
remember and not forget,
or to forget and not remember.


Ancestors: Now or Then?

It is better not to think of the ancestors as "dead" or "past." They are active, ever-present tremors of consciousness. They are one in Spirit, a "cloud of witnesses," to use the beautiful Biblical phrase. Ancestors of Christians and Pagans, Muslims and Jews, Northerner and Southerner, from East or West, white people and people of color, their blessing is not drawn by our separateness, but our unity.

Do we honor our ancestors? Do we honor others' ancestors, even those of our "enemies?" If we cannot love our enemies, as Jesus taught, at least we can honor their ancestors. Many blessings will come of this. The Grandmothers and Grandfathers dwell in the realm of forgiveness.

Collage by Rashani Rea on a line from my book, 'Savor Eternity...'


Thoughts are waves in the ocean of silence. Silence is always transparent and clear, no matter how many sparkling thoughts arise and subside. Every wave of thought is made of silence, crystal stillness at play.

Suffering begins in the mind. It begins when I cling to a thought-wave and try to hold it as a belief. The wave freezes into a solid particle, takes on mass, becomes a point of view. Then thought gets heavy.

When I believe, my mind is very grave. And the gravity of a weighty thought sinks me. But when I am free from beliefs, I can allow myriad viewpoints to dance and ripple in the sea.

Now love is possible. Love is freedom from gravity. I love you as You, no matter what you believe. This is real non-violence. Non-violence begins with awareness that does not cling to points of view. It only took me seven hundred lifetimes to abandon beliefs and dance like a sunbeam on the waters of silence.

I don't care if you don't believe me. I love you. And I'm sure that God is just this human heart, free from all opinions.