Remind Yourself

How do you remind yourself
that you are perfectly and
agelessly beautiful?
By not doing anything
just for a moment.
Then you return
to the first spark
of your boundless glory,
and for the rest of the day
in your work or play there is
a magical inebriation
that keeps you unborn,
while all night long you are
so stunning that the stars
come very close to gaze
into your sleeping face
and bathe in the gentleness
of your breathing.

Painting by Barbara Berger,
from 'Grandfather Twilight'

Change the World?

Why do we want to change the world? It is already changing every instant, in every particle and wave. The world we wanted to change a moment ago has already dissolved. If we want to change what is always already changing, then it must be our perception that is stuck.



Hello, my name is Fred
and I'm addicted to light.
I began to sip the sun when I was four.
My mother enabled me,
but I forgave her.
She too had the hopeless habit
of drowning in flowers.
The first taste I remember
was when she showed me how to gaze
into a yellow chrysanthemum
one September afternoon.
I never stopped drinking it.
Have mercy on me, darkness.
Now I guzzle from the grail
of the full moon.
I wake after midnight craving stars
and creep downstairs, tip toe
by the refrigerator,
past the hard cider and cheese,
wander out beyond the pumpkins
to the edge of the forest
leaving crystal footprints in the frost.
Standing there, shamelessly filled
from belly to brow with black luminosity,
the secret nectar known to mad
Taoist mountain poets,
Benedictines drunk with vigil hymns,
Sufis and Beguínes, the whirling ones,
wiccans of Mary magic,
I sway like a reed
in its hollow whirlwind of stillness
until my roots tingle down
to the planetary seed
and my crown is aglitter
with Andromeda.
By sunrise I am utterly wasted...
O Nabasvan,
breath of the mother-hour,
hour when silence turns milk-white
and ghostly mushrooms quiver up
like nipples of the crone
from musky mud-moss,
I will conceal what
men are not ready to know.
Pierce me with the flames of night.
let my body sheathe your
dagger of angels.