You won't achieve happiness by doing anything. Happiness is the dissolution of the do-er.

When every attempt to manipulate, fix, control, heal, and improve, to repeat mantras and affirmations, perform asanas and pranayams, to meditate, to pray, to save the planet, to serve the homeless and poor, to achieve any moral merit whatsoever, when the do-er falls and all effort fails - only then is your Being radiant, immaculate as the sun in an empty sky.
You discover that happiness was always already here, like the air before you breathed it. Happiness was never in anything that could be improved by work, for happiness was never outside the stillness that you Are.

This is why every great spiritual teacher first suffers a catastrophe, a loss whose dark sanctity is only reckoned in the light of its later gifts and graces.

O seeker, you desire to be "spiritual"? Then witness the implosion of all your strategies for attainment, the failure of all your efforts to control. Then only will the teachings flow from mysterious silence more inward than "I," more subtle than thought, and deeper than creation.

Your body, mind, and feelings, will be spontaneously activated to love and serve others, only as you surrender the will and constraint of doing, to the radiant silence of the all-pervading Self. Don't be afraid to collapse into Being.

Graphic by Abby Wynne

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